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Discover the perfect platform to create engaging sports blog posts and enable the thrill of bets placements while keeping your audience informed with the latest sports news and analysis.

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Redefine the sports reporting experience

Sports publications and betting platforms are in constant competition to capture and retain audiences, recognizing that engaging fans is essential.

To ensure a captivating experience, delivering real-time information and creating an immersive atmosphere is key. Sports enthusiasts are known for their high expectations, craving exclusive content and interactive opportunities. By seamlessly integrating live updates with betting possibilities, these platforms can transform casual viewers into loyal followers. Offering a wealth of interaction options and access to up-to-the-minute content, fans will feel connected and engaged, enhancing their overall experience.

Why Integrate Live Sports Blogging?

Integrating live coverage into sporting events is a unique way to create an interactive experience that boosts monetization opportunities and loyal audiences. It’s an opportunity to enrich the fan experience using real-time data and content paired with social integrations.


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Give fans what they love

Rikstoto’s success with live coverage on sports betting has led to more opportunities, higher subscription conversions, and significantly contributed to building returning user habits.

As part of their engagement strategy, Rikstoto uses live blogs to provide their customers with horse-racing analysis and real-time updates to help their customers reach the best betting decisions. This is where Live Center truly shines as it plays a vital role in allowing editors to keep the information flow going.

“This kind of live information is time sensitive and specific, and would not make sense on our main website. We can also augment the experience easily with content from other platforms, such as Twitter or YouTube, as well as images and videos, which makes the content more interactive and fresh” explains Kristoffer Eide, Product Owner at Rikstoto.

This practice has led to higher betting percentages and higher revenue per customer.

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Leading Betting Sites Use
Live Publishing To Prompt
Up-To-The Second
Betting Placements

  • Offer real-time insights for bet placements to influence behavior.
  • Nurture reader loyalty using editorial content and social integration.
  • Build user habits from the ground up to grow customer loyalty.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up journalists to cover the big game.
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Stack the odds in your favor with a live blog


8x more page views
60% more coverage
80% more ads impressions

Live Sports Blogging Offers a Unique
Sports Coverage Strategy

Media companies can customize their live coverage experience to fit their own look and feel—thus seamlessly integrating into their brand. Providing audiences with unique, interactive experiences creates a whole new stream of value and revenue.

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Live sports reporting for digital
monetization strategies 

“Our reporters can push content quickly, right before races, and we instantly see much higher betting percentages. Live Center delivers much higher revenue per customer, according to analytics data. Live content is a trigger for placing bets, making Live Center a no-brainer and an easy ROI justification.”

- Rikstoto

Engage your audience and nurture reader loyalty

Live Center is an effective supplemental tool to traditional sports coverage options. While offering new and exciting ways for audiences to immerse themselves in their favorite sports, the platform enables publishers to increase live sports betting placements, explore e-commerce partnership opportunities, monetize live feed advertisements, increase revenue, and reach more subscriptions. Are you ready to learn more?

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